Dive on in... Dive on in...

When we bought our house, the inground pool was a major selling point. With three kids, and the kind of sweltering summers we have here in Q...

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4:05 PM

My Holidays....part 1 My Holidays....part 1

How hard is to come back to normal life after the holidays? I've come back home last week and I just can't feel they are over! Quan...

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10:57 AM

Summer Dreams Summer Dreams

credits: 1 , 2 , 3 (unknown), 4 (unknown)

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12:00 AM

Reader redesign....the power of white paint Reader redesign....the power of white paint

Last week, I received a lovely email from one of my blog readers, Karen. Karen and her husband had a common problem with their home, and one...

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3:43 PM

Knock, knock.....who's there? Yes! I'm back! Knock, knock.....who's there? Yes! I'm back!

Hello my dearests!!!! guess who's back from a super-relaxing holiday? Yes!!!! Me!!! credits I arrived yesterday evening and now: my hous...

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4:18 AM

An award...and an apology! An award...and an apology!

I have a huge apology to make...last month, the lovely Natasha from Northern Light was nice enough to pass on a the Versatile Blogger award...

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4:04 AM

Kauri Cliffs Kauri Cliffs

You may remember my post on Huka Lodge , with its gorgeous, stylish interiors. Well, Virgina Fisher, who was responsible for the design of A...

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9:55 PM

Oh my... Oh my...

...is this not the best study ever? Just look at the library (bliss!), the vintage goodies, gorgeous floors....need I say more? douglas frie...

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2:25 AM

Blue cabinet...a little update Blue cabinet...a little update

I know it's taken me absolutely ages to get back to this post, but better late than never I guess! Here are a few pics of my blue cabine...

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8:44 PM