Hello my dearests!!!!
guess who's back from a super-relaxing holiday?
Yes!!!! Me!!!

I arrived yesterday evening

and now:

my house is a mess...

my washing machine is working hard and hard...

the ironing basket is so full I'm afraid all the clothes will collapse invading all the laundry room...

But I just wanted to send a big hug to you all!!!

Thank you for your comments and thank you to the new followers who joined me even thought I was away!!!

Now I'm going to check all your fab blogs and say "hi" to all of you!

This is a very short post and I still have to organize all my holidays' photos, 'cause I want to share them with you!

So in the next days I will tell you about what I did during these days.
Nothing so special, no great adventures or long trips in a far-away destination...

...just walks in the woods picking flowers and berries,

little feet in cold mountains waters,

cooking cakes while outside was raining...

and more little precious moments!!