It's HOT.

I'm melting....

In Italy is so hot now, that you can't even go out. Well maybe there are some brave people out there, but I have no intentions to be one of them.
In the morning when I wake up I open the windows and...
.... I can't breathe because of all the humidity.

Thanks God someone invented air conditioning.
When I'm in the office or at home I'm safe.

But I feel so exhausted, I just need some fresh air,
I need to go to my mountains where at night you're even cold!
(what a fantastic feeling!!!)

In a couple of weeks we will be there, but we need to finish some works at the new house before.

I don't know if it's the hot, the work at the office, the works at the new home, my baby asking for more and more attentions, but I really need a holiday. I desperately need a holiday!
Also, you don't see me around so often lately, I'm sorry ladies, I ve to apoligize, I'm reallly sorry!

I appreciate every single comment and love when you leave a sign of your passage on my blog! I'm trying to catch up with all of you, but time seems never enough!

Also I have to thank 3 amazing blogging friends who has passed me this award:

They are:

Sweet Annamaria at Di Bianco e D'Azzurro

Lovely Paola at Cream and Cosy

They are all great italian blogging friends of mine! I love them all!!! They are so creative and passionate about their homes and lifes! Do pop by will discover 3 amazing ladies...if you don't know them already! ;)

I want to pass this award to all of you, dear followers, to the old ones and to the new ones to say "Welcome Friends"!

In her award post Francesca posted some pictures from the tv serie "Charmed". I loved the idea  and I want too to post about a "bewitched house":

This is Samantha's cottage from "Bewitched The Movie".

It's very romantic and shabby chic style!

Love that chair in the back!

Samatha's amazing kitchen!

Tea in the patio!

Love this big fireplace!

Finally, today is the last day to enter my giveaway!
You have still time!