Mirror, mirror.... Mirror, mirror....

So...now that my ceilings are all white and wonderful, I've organised for my mate Bill to cover those last few brick walls with gyprock,...

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1:41 PM

Juggling act Juggling act

source Well, the footy boys have a rest day today, which I know comes as a relief to both the players and spectators. After a good win in th...

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6:07 PM

I love books...and you? I love books...and you?

I love to read . I've always one or two books on my bedside table and just cannot sleep if I don't read a little while before. Also...

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7:41 AM

Is this Australia's perfect house? Is this Australia's perfect house?

A few years ago, there was an article in the paper about a property that had been awarded Australia's best. There was a small picture of...

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1:44 PM

Summer Dreams Summer Dreams

Last week it was a very busy week and I had less time then usual for blogging. But my mind was working very fast and I have had a couple of ...

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3:54 AM

Cabinet of curiosities Cabinet of curiosities

One of the advantages of living on acreage is having the space for a shed. A big shed. Big enough to hoard store all manner of vintage trea...

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1:29 PM

A farmhouse cottage in Cornwall A farmhouse cottage in Cornwall

I've travelled all around Cornwall , alone, a summer of some years ago. Beautiful little cottages, amazing coastal scenery and delightfu...

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6:41 AM