Feather your nest Feather your nest

I've always been a bit of a collector. As a kid, I used to keep little white pebbles (or 'lucky stones' as we called them), leaf...

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4:55 PM

Pavilion Style Beach House Pavilion Style Beach House

I'm still in the planning stages for our new house design, and one style I keep coming back to over and over is a series of pavilions. I...

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9:17 PM

We're going to the sea! We're going to the sea!

Yes! tomorrow we all will leave for a week , destination: the sea ! Now, you can laugh about it, but it will the first time in my life that ...

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5:41 AM

Colours of my kitchen Colours of my kitchen

Do you remember the wall I've called the  " enormous white "  in my kitchen ? Well, I've started to decorate it! Vi ricord...

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3:40 AM

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for all your sweet comments about my last post. I cannot say anything more than thank you, thank you, thank you , from the deep of...

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5:12 AM

Blue and white times two Blue and white times two

I know my posts often feature blue and white, but what can I say, I love it. So here's the latest painting in my blue and white china se...

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5:58 PM

The worst month of my life The worst month of my life

Now that is all over I can talk about it. I feel I have to talk about it, to finally relieve myself and tell to me:"It's all OK, no...

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5:19 AM

My kitchen makeover on Apartment Therapy My kitchen makeover on Apartment Therapy

The lovely Kerry was kind enough to let me know that my kitchen makeover was again featured on Apartment Therapy (oops...totally missed it...

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1:17 PM

Happy week end! Happy week end!

To wish a great week end I want to share with you this poster. I've found it in a blog somewhere, but I don't remember where!!! Read...

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12:00 AM

Inspired Inspired

Sometimes, inspiration can be hard to come by. I've had times in the past when painting has been a torturous process, and I've come ...

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12:47 AM

A family brunch A family brunch

  What about get up on Sunday morning in a home like this and have and informal family brunch? Che ne direste di svegliarvi la domenica matt...

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12:00 AM