Cast your mind back about a month or so, and you might remember the makeover of my eldest daughter's room. Of course, things all and sundry have managed to slow things down to a snail's pace, but the painting is almost finished, and I'm now working on the fun stuff - all the details to be precise. In my travels, I came across this bed head, which I picked up for all of $15....score!

Now, I'm not sure whether we'll be using it in this room, as we're tossing up between this and a large painting. But for that price it was far too good to pass up, so we'll see. Either way, it will get a nice new cover, and I'm thinking how great it could look with new tufting, like this one by Bryn Alexandra:

...but as I'm rather partial to a print or two, I think it could look sensational like this:

gorgeousness courtesy Les Indiennes

But of course, every decent teaser has a little twist in the tail, and a few surprises, so let's just say I'll be doing my own take on this look. I'm really trying to get this done, but with things being so crazy busy lately, it may take a little while longer to pull it all together. 

Thank you too, for all your lovely comments, emails, (and orders!) on my paintings, and my new Etsy shop. You are wonderful. Can't say it enough.


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