It's funny how a break in routine can spark a frenzy of activity. You see, one of my babies is off at schoolies this week. For those who aren't familiar with schoolies, it marks the celebration of the end of high school for thousands of Aussie teenagers - I'm guessing it's probably similar to Spring Break in the US? Anyway, it means hoards of kids head off, often to the Gold Coast in Queensland, for a week of non-stop partying. What that also means is a week of no sleep and endless worry for the parents.  And if I can't sleep anyway, I need to stay busy and painting for me is the ultimate stress-buster. Hence the flurry of new work - at least there's one upside to this whole situation. I'm still counting the days until my chicks are all back in the nest (four to go. And my chicks will cringe when they read this!), but until then, here's the latest - a long-overdue addition to my Martha Stewart series...oops, I mean blue and white series:

watercolour on paper
210mm x 297mm
original on hold, prints available here in my Etsy shop

So you can probably expect a few more pieces to emerge over the next few days, as well as quite a few commissions I have on the go. Nothing like keeping busy to take your mind off other things....well, almost :) Oh, and don't forget - you can get 20% off any print in my Etsy store - even these new ones!