Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending a seminar by celebrity designer, Martyn Lawrence Bullard. Anyone familiar with the programme 'Million Dollar Decorators' will recognise Martyn, so I jumped at the chance to hear him chat about his work and his high-profile clients. He was delightful - warm, witty and funny, and his stories were very entertaining! Think tales of design consultations in Cher's ornate bed (once owned by Natasha Rambova, the lesbian wife of Rudolph Valentino), holidays with Elton John, and dinner with Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne. I was too enthralled to take a single photo, but here are a few I borrowed:

Here's the man of the hour

And look - Decoration and Design have shared a backstage video of Martyn after his seminar. 

I was familiar with many of Martyn's celebrity clients, but the big surprise was the home of Kid Rock. Who knew a hard-core rocker would choose a pretty plantation-style home like this?

photos courtesy Tim Street Porter via Martyn Lawrence Bullard

...and here's a pretty corner of Ellen Pompeo's home:

courtesy elle decor

If you'd like to see more of Martyn's work, his new book "Live, Love, Decorate' is chock-full of his trademark style. 

Martyn also revealed that the second series of Million Dollar Decorators is currently in production. I know - very exciting! Nothing like living vicariously, is there?