Hi all,

When my husband and I moved to Brissie, we dreamt of one day finding a small acreage property, not too far from the city, to put down roots and start a family. My husband is a shift worker and on weekends, when he was at work, I would jump in the car and go exploring, looking for the perfect place.

Well, one day I found just the thing. It was only five minutes from everything but felt like it was a world away. I drove down what looked like a little country road, lined with gum trees, and found what we'd been looking for. After racing to the real estate agent, I soon discovered that this little gem of a place was way out of our price range. But the seed was firmly planted and I decided that one day we would find something we could afford.

Fast forward nine years, two houses and three children, we went looking again and found just the house. It was on a couple of acres, with a fireplace and cathedral ceilings, and had loads of potential. It was soon ours and away we went. But we definitely got a little more than we bargained for. Leaking water tanks, a pool filter that didn't filter, wildlife both outside and inside (including snakes, frogs, water dragons and possums) and a whole lot of renovation work.


Besides lots of behind-the-scenes stuff that no-one but us (and our bank balance) can appreciate, our biggest renovation to date is our main family bathroom. We had to replace all exterior plumbing, knock out and replace interior walls, move windows - we actually gutted the room and started from scratch.


Well, we've finally finished the bathroom, bar a few finishing touches. My new plantation shutters should arrive next week, and i have some artwork and a towel rail to hang, but the main work is complete. 


Now the main bath is done, we're about to start on the ensuite. I'm trying to decide whether to stick to a similar theme as the main as far as colour goes, or to lash out a bit and really get creative. Somehow I'm really decisive when it comes to clients' homes, but when there's so much gorgeous stuff to choose from I find it really hard to decide for myself! What are your thoughts? I'd love to know what you'd do.

Have a great weekend everyone, hopefully the rain up here will give us a little reprieve over the weekend.

Kerri x

 All photos Driftwood Interiors