My youngest daughter has very definite ideas about how her bedroom should look. For her 7th birthday, she decided she wanted her walls painted pink. Not pastel pink, HOT pink. Every wall. After much aggravation discussion, we agreed that she should have one wall hot pink, the others white.

She loved her room for quite a few years, changing bedlinen, furniture and accessories daily often. I would arrive home to find she'd completely re-arranged everything. By herself. Dragging things if necessary. Determination is not something she lacks. Anyway, she announced one day she wanted a whole new look. White. Everything - walls, bedlinen, with a few silver/taupe accessories. To say I was surprised was an understatement. But I wasted no time organising to have her room repainted.

Here's the before (actually during) :

And here are a few of where we're at so far:

I love this photo - she was little five-year-old flower girl

We're still working on some things here. I'm painting some new artwork as we speak, and we need to replace the window coverings, but she loves it so everyone's happy. I should add that she plans on a career in interior design. Somehow I think she will do exactly as she says!

Enjoy the rest of your day

Kerri x