I'm feeling absolutely chuffed this week - I am the lucky recipient of two blog awards! Thanks so much to my sweet blog buddy Kerry at A Tranquil Townhouse, and the lovely Judy at Verandah House for their kind awards - you've made my week! Add these to my award from the gorgeous Amanda at Homely One last week, and I'm one happy little camper!


Now, these would have to be some of the most generous and supportive and people ever, and they've made my foray into the blogosphere so much fun. Amanda was one of the very first people to leave a comment for me, and she's been such a sweetheart with her kind words and encouragement. Kerry's beautiful blog is like a breath of fresh air, her wit and personality shine through and she is just so lovely to boot. And I've been a long-time reader of Judy's for quite some time now, initially over at Lily-G and now at Verandah House. Her posts are so stylish and fabulous, and add to that her new adventure with a move to the Byron Bay hinterland, and you have blog heaven! All I can say is make sure you put aside some time to read these fantastic blogs, you'll be so glad you did!

See you soon,