Today I have to say a BIG thank you to Kristin at A Page of Inspiration, because she gave me my very first award:

Yesterday I went to visit her on her blog to congratulate for the award winning and I discovered that she had passed it also to me. What a surprise! It's the first time I receive an award! It made me very very happy and honoured as well!
So now I think I'm supposed to pass it on to others wonderful blogs, but the fact is that I just prefer to dedicate it to all of you, followers, readers, friends! I've met so many wonderful ladies since I've started blogging and I think that every one of you deserve an award, because you are all so special!

Now for the eye candy: I've found this pictures about Jill Brinson's house and just canont resist and want to show them to you!

I love the white walls - any doubts? ;) - and the intermediate floor whit the libray! It's a sort of secret place where relax yourself!
I love to read and have a LOTS of books, so I'am studying out how to create a (maybe little) library in my new home. 

The kitchen is amazing with all that light!

And what is more relaxing than an outside patio, where sipping tea, reading or just relaxing?

All images from House Beautiful