I love to read. I've always one or two books on my bedside table and just cannot sleep if I don't read a little while before.

Also I'm a bookaholic...Yes a sort of shopaholic, but related to books. I don't feel I've spent a good day shopping, if I don't enter a bookshop and buy maybe just one book.

In many of your wonderful blogs I've seen that you also, dear friends, have a love for books and reading. And sometimes you dedicate a post to a book that really captured you...

So I was thinking that it could be nice to share the books we have read and that we have loved most.

Maybe giving some advices and suggesting some titles, or just talking about the book we are reading... Find a place where sharing tips and talk about books (maybe with a good cup of tea, and some chocolate too!!! eheheh!).

Yes a sort of book club. What do you think? I would love to call it:


In my mind I was thinking about using Linky Tools to create a sort of link party.

 So, how will it work?

I would held this book club on my blog every two Fridays or just one time a month (what do you think it's better?).

All you have to do, is link up a post of yours about a book you have read and have loved, to my Books Cafè post to partecipate to this event.

You cant talk about whatever book you want, I just want you to consider it a little corner where friends have fun sharing some info about the books you are reading or have read and enjoyed. Also you can write in English or Italian, as you like. I think that talking about books, is a funny way to make new friends and discover common interests!

So on Friday July 2nd I will post about the book I've just read and enjoyed.
If you fancy this idea, you can link up with a post of yours and talk about a book too.

I don't know if you will like this idea, please let me know what do you think about it! =) If you like it, I would love to create a theme for each Books Cafè Event: drama, comedy, the most funny book I've read, the most romantic book I've read and so on.

So, please, let me know your opinion, I will be very grateful!!

* photos by me - sorry for the poor quality, but I think that my camera is going to leave me, sigh!