So, today is my first Book Cafè post. To say you the truth, I'm a little bit nervous...I just hope that the link tool will work, it's the first time I use it!

I want to talk about the book I've just finished:

The  Rice Mother, by Rani Manicka
Madre del Riso, for my italian friends.

This book is about a family epic saga set in lushious Malaysia which takes place during the last century.

Lakshmi marries Ayah at the age of 14 and goes to live in Malaysia from native Ceylon. Soon after the wedding celebration, Lakshmi discovers that she hasn't married a rich man, as her mom has tought giving her to a man who is so much older than Lakshmi is, but just a humble poor clerk full of debs and without ambitions.
With strong determination Lakshmi faces all the difficulties of living alone in a completely new country and works hard to give her and her six kids a better life.

Yes, Lakshmi and Ayah has 6 kids: the twins, exquisitely beautiful Mohini and smart Lakshman, caring Anna, sensitive Sevenese, ugly and unhappy Jeyan and quite and calm Lalita.

The book follows the story of the family through World War II and the Japanese occupation, past violence, drug abuses, marriages, births, losses and family secrets.

It's the story of 4 generations of women: form fierce Lakshmi to her frail great-granddaughter Nisha, who will finally discover all the family history and secrets.

This book takes you into a different evocative world with its fascinating culture, religion and tradition: a combination of powerful colours, lushios forests, tasty culinary delights, tradition and modernity, joy and sorrow, happiness and unfullfilled dreams.
It's written from all the characters' point of view, so every character adds a piece to the big puzzle and reveal more about the entire story.

I don't want to tell you all the details of the story, I just want to tell you why I liked it. Well, I love family saga, and this is a powerful multigenerational story. I loved the character of the Mother, Lakshmi, a formidable matriarch, determined to get a better life for her daughters and sons and to face every new challenge with strength. Lakshmi is that kind of strong woman that wants the best for her kids, but doesn't realise that her strenght personality may also choke them.

I loved all the colours, the feelings, the smells described in this book.

So, now it's your turn, what is the book you have just finished to read? Or, what is the book you will like to talk about?

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