So, before I released farewelled Bill on his holiday, (and sorry to all of you who offered working holidays, for some reason the lure of balmy New Caledonia proved too strong!) he worked his fingers to the bone and finished painting my ceiling. It's now lovely and white and fresh, and I couldn't be happier:

Now, of course, the walls will need to be painted, and those bricks will soon be history. But it's getting there. And not before time! Here's a reminder of what it looked like:

Oh, and here's the mirror I mentioned in my last post. It's on my painting hit list too, and now all I need to decide on is the colour. Here's a closer look:

So, decisions, decisions. While Bill's away, I need to choose a colour and get it painted, so he can re-hang it for me once the walls are finished. I do like the idea of black, but I'm thinking the size of the frame will make it too dominant in the room? And don't laugh, but the idea of silver leaf is quite appealing! I've done a lot of leafing over the years in my artwork, so I may just go ahead and do it, but with an aged, vintage finish rather than too bright and super-shiny.

Ok, I'm off to work now - painting classes await. Poor me, mondays are always so tough! Oh, and thanks to those of you who've asked about my classes. I'm in the process of arranging venues for some workshops, so once all the details are finalised, I'll let you know. 

Have a wonderful week,