I think the entrance to a home is really important - it can say a lot about the people who live there. Whether it sports a fire-engine red door, a gated courtyard, a shot of bright colour....first impressions count. While we work on our house plans, I'm thinking of giving our existing door a little makeover. It's solid timber, with glass sidelights, but it's really boring and badly in need of a spruce-up. But now, the million-dollar question....what colour to choose? So many colours....and only one front door.

 love this glossy black number, paired with the chrome doorknob

 Miles Redd's lovely turquoise door has been really popular for some time now. love the hardware and kickplate

 all white

 magenta maybe?

 really, really  love this pretty pink number...who would know what you'd find behind the door?

So, anyone gone all out with their front door? Tell me everything.