A few weeks ago, an email arrived from the lovely Kat over at Low Tide High Style. I'd only recently found her blog, and after commenting on a particularly touching post she'd written, she emailed me about doing an artist profile.

To say I was surprised was an understatement. I'm still blown away by the kindness and generosity of the blogging community, and Kat is definitely one of those genuinely lovely people. So after emailing back and forth, she contacted me yesterday to say that the interview had been posted, which you can read over here if you'd like to.

I just wanted to send Kat a huge thank you for being so generous and supportive.  And I also wanted to let everyone know what a great blog Kat has, and if you haven't visited before, you really are missing out. Here's a snippet:

this is Kat's kitchen from the first post I read, 'How I Met My House"

Kat is a writer and photographer, and travels around shooting gorgeous images for her magazine articles. Here are a few of her pics of a lovely store called Brambles.

Isn't she talented? And so sweet to boot.

So, go and give Kat's blog a visit, I know you won't be disappointed. And say hi from me while you're there!

p.s. Thanks so much to everyone who's already visited Kat's blog and left such lovely comments! You guys are the best and I so appreciate each and every one of you!