I love white kitchens:

...with rustic tables just like this one...

I also love turquoise touches:

And spoiling bathrooms!


All images: here

Today I've ordered my new kitchen!!! Who guess the colour?? Yes!!! White!!!

Now I need to buy the table, but I've already seen a special one that will really suit good in my kitchen!

So: Tiles, done
Kitchen, done,
Fireplace: quite done.

Now I'm gonna choose the bathroom forniture and start to think about my bedroom. I have clear ideas in mind, but I know that when I will start going to shops and see a lot of different ideas I will come into a big mess!!!
I think I need at least 3 houses to decorate so I can realize all the tips I have in mind.  And you? have you evere feel the same? Have you ever desidered to own different houses with different styles? Let's say a beach cottage, a country house, a chalet in the Alps and a townhouse in a big city?

Have a great Sunday, my dearests!!!