Why do I do it? Leave things until the last minute, that is. Life has been insanely busy this last year, but of course, trying to organise the refurb of our pool in the lead-up to Christmas is nothing short of crazy. That's just how we roll here I guess, but next time, please remind me to tackle something like this at a more sensible time...namely in the middle of winter perhaps?

First point of call over the weekend was a visit to choose our pool tiles. Now, one thing I've learned is that this is very different from choosing tiles for your bathroom or kitchen renovation. You see, there are lots of factors to take into account when choosing colours for a pool. The surrounding area, paving materials and colours, the shape and style of your pool, natural light......and the list goes on. Usually, I'm fairly decisive and once I choose which 'look' I'm going for, the rest falls into place. But this time, the process was agonising! Glass mosaic, travertine, mother-of-pearl...there are so many lovely options, it's so hard to decide on just one.

although our pool is freeform and not formal like this, the colour scheme is the one I've gone for - light interior with a dark charcoal border tile.

actually, this is nothing like ours, but I do like the whole indoor/outdoor feel

 glass panels will replace some of our existing fencing

...and we'll be adding a new deck to the area as well

I'll share some of the horrible before shots with you all later today (brace yourselves!) but for now that's a little update on the saga. I'm banking on it being all being done and dusted in the next week or so, now the weather is heating up (at long last) and we can't have an Aussie xmas without our pool. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Enjoy your day,